May 13
Last Updated on 13 May 2013

Storm Chase Tour Guides and Equipment

guidesroger Hello, everyone! I live just east of Denver, Colorado in the heart of the high plains where tornadoes and supercells rule. I have been chasing for nearly 20 years and love it! As of this writing, I have seen and videotaped a record 412 tornadoes in my career. I spend an average of 120 days between March and October chasing, shooting video for various media outlets and conducting tours.

I love to teach and hopefully my passion for storms really comes across to the good people we have on tours. I have also been a probe driver for various National Severe Storms Laboratory projects and teach SKYWARN training at several locations across the plains.

I have been contracted by The Weather Channel for the past 9 years to shoot and produce videos of everything from tornadoes to floods to blizzards and hailstorms. I have also done much work for The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, National Geographic, The Travel Channel, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, COX News, BBC and many more. I am also a severe weather videographer and reporter for a local Denver TV station! Nothing thrills me more than to get you in perfect view of a gorgeous sculpted supercell complete with an awe-inspiring incredible tornado! So, come on out and see for yourself the incredible experience of storm chasing! My wife Caryn and I look forward to serving you!

guidescaryn I married a storm chaser! Yes, I’m Roger’s wife. Guide, co-enthusiast and 100% storm chaser! Even though my rather short career as a storm chaser started just 4 years ago, I have Roger to thank for this enthusiasm and for my blossoming hunger for chasing.

Within these 4 short years, I have now logged more then 70,000 miles of driving through weather conditions that would make the faint of heart pull over and wait for the storm to pass. Roger and I have developed a line of communication that allows me to be aware of what to expect and when to expect it. This alone is what brings us all “home” at night. My first and foremost priority while driving is and always will be safety.

Now add those 70,000 miles to the experience I’ve gained through chasing 24/7 with Roger and I hope to add to your storm chasing experience that will rank top 5 in your life time vacations. I myself have had successful solo chases that I know would not have been possible without the knowledge I’ve gained from Roger. We will strive to make your trip the most memorable, most rewarding and best of all, the BEST that Mother Nature, Roger and Silver Lining Tours Local can provide! I think you’ll find your experience one that you will NOT soon forget!

Tour Vans and Equipment

We only use state of the art equipment for our tours!! The van pictured below is owned by us. No rental van is used for our lead van. The van is a modern Ford E350, complete with Powerstroke Diesel engine for power and longevity. The van is equipped with a custom built computer by COMPUSA, ham radio, KVH unit (white dome on top) for obtaining DirecTV ANYWHERE even while moving (so you can watch The Weather Channel, CNN or whatever you wish to!), wonderful system for accessing the internet virtually anywhere for data, Davis Pro Vantage II weather station for getting current on location observations, flip down LCD screens for rear seat viewing and a large 17″ screen in the front too! This van is unique in that is was custom built for tours. It has running boards for easy entrance and exit from the van, as well as a sliding door on the side instead of pull open traditional doors, thus making it easier to maneuver in tight spots.


In 2004 we began using the Baron System WxWorx unit pictured below. This technology uses XM Radio frequencies to obtain CURRENT RADAR and is updated every 5 minutes!! Never will we be without LIVE data! It also provides warning information, wind fields from the surface to 42,000 every 3,000 feet, METAR data, cloud tops, visible satellite, lightning, and wind shear. This unit helped us to capture 51 tornadoes in 2004, and 42 in 2005!