Jun 10
Last Updated on 03 May 2013

June 7, 2010 Scottsbluff, Nebraska Tornado

Intercepted a few supercells west of and near Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Upslope flow combined with decent instability set the stage for supercell development. A cell merger near Scottsbluff that occurred on an outflow boundary allowed a messy mesocyclone to spin up and produce a fairly brief tornado that caused some damage to buildings, power lines, trees and flipped cars near Melbeta. We got very close to the circulation.

  201006061 Very nice supercell in far western  Nebraska. 201006062 Another shot of the supercell, nicely structured. 201006073 Cell merger occurred and a messy HP formed. The rotating meso is in the center with precip rotating around the south (left) side. 201006071small Mostly rain wrapped tornado is quite visible here. It is very close to Melbeta. 201006072 Pretty shelf cloud as the storm quickly became outflow dominant.    

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